This month started out with a trip to Lake Louise where Minda skied for the first time.  It was pretty difficult for her to find her balance, but it was fun to watch her try!

Minda's first time skiing

Valentine’s week was filled with mishaps starting on Monday when Minda sliced her fingertip on my mandoline. Then we spent Valentine’s Evening at the Emergency Vet, where we got the bad news that our dog, Bambi, needed emergency surgery to have his right eye removed. Not exactly romantic!  However we did enjoy noshing on some delicious Chipotle Dark Chocolate Bark that I made for the occasion.

The next week we celebrated Mardi Gras by making our clean, healthy version of Dirty Rice.  Also on Fat Tuesday our baby girl, Kaya, turned 3 months old! It has been so amazing watching her grow with each day.

Baby Kaya at 3 months

The month is ending on a slow note.  We are finally all feeling well and have been enjoying some downtime


Reading: goop, Gweneth Paltrow’s blog, and after seeing how glowing she was on the cover of this month’s Harper’s Bazaar and at the Oscars, I may just have to embark on my own cleanse!

Listening:   Steve Earle, Townes Van Zandt, Guy Clarke: Together at the Bluebird CafeGreat singer/songwriter that transports me back to Texas.

Watching:  Beauty and the Beast, the Disney classic is currently out on DVD/Blu-ray, and is Minda’s favorite.

Coveting: Lululemon’s new spring arrivals, and this necklace from Dannijo

We are looking forward to new adventures in March, and cannot wait to share more of our favorite recipes!