Arches National Park

Welcome to Utah!

If you are driving from Calgary to Dallas, Moab is WAY out of the way, but definitely worth the detour.  Matt has been here a couple of time on work trips, and fell in love with the area.  He promised that he would someday bring us here, so here we are!

On our first day in Moab, we visited Arches National Park.  We only had one day to explore the park, but we were able to see so much.  We drove to the end of the park road and worked our way back towards the entrance.  Our first stop was a hike to Landscape Arch.  It is the longest arch in the park, and the trail up to the arch has been closed since a large piece broke off in 1991.  It looks as if the rest could come crashing down any second!

Landscape Arch Photo Credit Minda

The hike to Landscape Arch had great views all around.

Hiking in Arches red rocks

There were a couple of other arches that were just a short side trip from the main trail.

Pine Tree Arch

Our next stop was Delicate Arch, the Utah landmark that graces the state licence plates and the Utah welcome sign.  We did the upper viewpoint trail instead of the main trail, but it was a fun little hike and the view was outstanding.

Minda with Delicate ArchDelicate ArchReturning from Delicate Arch the sun was starting to get pretty low, so we made our way to the short trail up to Double Arch.  This trail led us right up into the arches, and it was my favorite arch of all.  The name really says it all.

Double Arch

In Double ArchAfter Double Arch we had planned on walking up to balanced rock, but the sun was beginning to set, so we just stopped for a quick pic to end the day!

Sunset at Balanced Rock

Up next, Canyonlands National Park!

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