3 Day Detox

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Hi Y’all!  It has been so long since I have posted anything on here.  So many changes have happened in the last year.  My husband quit his job.  We left Canada, bought an RV and became gypsies for a few months. We had some good times on the road, but it was not as easy as we thought, with the kids and dogs.  Now we have settled down into an old farm house in West Texas.

All these life changes has been like a rollercoaster, lots of ups and down.  I LOVE our house, and we have spent a lot of hours sprucing it up.  My kids love it here, and they get to see there grandparents at least every other weekend, which gives us adult time to ourselves.

On the down side, I have really let myself go downhill in some of the things that I hold very sacred, and being back in an old familiar place has ignited some of my old, bad habits.  Summer in Texas to me means lots of sitting outside on the patio, drinking cold beer and cooking lots of barbeque.  This past weekend, after eating about a pound of ribs, I started to look at myself and think “What the heck are you doing?”

I decided to get back on track this week by doing a little detox.  I really cannot afford to spend $200 for 3 days on one of those fancy pressed juice detoxes (is that even a word?), and to be honest, the thought of drinking only juice for three days sounds about as possible to me as climbing Mt. Everest.  So I checked in with my Doctor, you know, Dr. Oz, who recommended that I try this three day smoothie detox.

I started out the week cutting back to one cup of coffee in the morning, as opposed to two.  I cut the dairy and gluten out of my diet too.  I planned on starting the detox on Wednesday, but on Tuesday afternoon I had the unexpected tragedy of my best four legged friend Bambi passing away.  My grief over this could be a whole post in itself, so I will just say that he was a HUGE part of my life for the last ten years, and he will be missed dearly.

I finally started the detox on Thursday morning.  I woke up to the smell of coffee, but made my green tea with lemon (I skipped the stevia), and was feeling pretty good.  I made the breakfast shake, a fruity concoction with raspberries and banana, which I loved.  Then I headed off to the library with the kids.  A couple of hours later I was sooo sleepy, hungry too.  I was really looking forward to my next smoothie.

When I finally got home and blended up my lunch, I couldn’t wait to gulp it down!  That was until I had my first drink…not so smooth.  I tell ya, I had to chew it.  I always find that is the case when there is a lot of celery in a smoothie.  I managed to get most of it down, and saved some for a snack later (I did this every day).  I always get hungry around 3:00, and I knew I would need a little something to get me through until dinner.

By the time dinner rolled around I was hungry, but not starving.  The shake was delicious.  I even enjoyed the kick of the cayenne pepper (you know me!).  I took my detox bath and slept like a log.

The next two days were gradually better than the first.  There were a couple of times that it was hard to stay on track.  I won’t lie, both day 2 and 3 I cheated and had a teaspoon of almond butter around 3:00 to curb my cravings (such a rebel, I know).  It was totally manageable though, and now that it is over I feel absolutely 100% better.  I lost 10 pounds over the past 6 days.  I was not doing it to lose weight since I was pretty thin to begin with, but I will take it as an added bonus.  My skin is glowing, my eyes are brighter, and I feel myself craving health whole foods again.

Here is the program from Dr. Oz:


I may not go back to being a vegetarian again, but I am going to start sharing more of my recipes to help me stay on track.

Have you ever tried a cleanse?

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