My DIY Yarn Pendant

DIY Yarn Pendant

Hi Y’all!  We moved into this old farmhouse in April, and let’s just say that it needed a little bit of TLC. We immediately pulled up the old carpet and found the original hardwood floors in decent shape (Yay!).  We will probably go back and refinish them in the future, but they are okay for now.  We also painted the 1970’s wood paneling in the living/dining room white.  Just those two things made a HUGE difference.

Now we are starting to get into doing the details which is much more fun.  Most of the lighting in the house was pretty ugly.  In our music room the only fixture was a cheap ceramic light socket.  I pinned this DIY Moooi Random String Pendant forever ago, and I knew that it was the perfect thing for this space.

Pendant Shopping List

1. Wallpaper Adhesive  2. Beach Ball  3. Vaseline  4. Pendant Socket  5. Yarn

Making the pendant only took me about an hour.  Just follow these easy steps to make your own:

1.  Blow up your beach ball and draw a circle with a sharpie anywhere on the ball about 4 inches in diameter (this is how you will change the light bulb). Coat the ball completely in Vaseline.
2.  Pour the wallpaper adhesive into a bucket.  Unravel a few feet of yarn (leave it on the roll) and place it in the bucket with the adhesive.
4.  Start wrapping the yarn around the ball, pulling it through the adhesive to coat it as you go (it is really important that the yarn is completely coated).  The wrapping should be totally random and avoid the area inside the circle.
5.  Continue on this until you are either out of adhesive or you are happy with the look of it.  When you are finished, cut the yarn and tuck in the loose end.
6.  Tie a piece of string around the part of the beach ball that you blow up and hang the whole thing up to dry for at least 2 days (I know it is hard, but just to be safe).
7.  After the yarn has had a couple of days to cure, deflate the beach ball.  Reach through the hole you avoided wrapping and pull the deflated ball out.  If it is too big, just grab some scissors and cut it into smaller pieces.
8.  Take your pendant socket and unscrew the bolt type piece that is on the outside of the socket. Separate some of the string just enough to wiggle the socket in.  Put the socket through and screw the bolt back on to hold the pendant in place.
9.  Now your pendant is ready to hang!  Follow the instructions on the box your pendant socket came in, or if you are scared of the electrical work, get an electrician to install it.

String Pendant 009

I love seeing it every time I walk through the front door!  Want to see more of my house inspiration?  Follow me on Pinterest too!


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