So I Painted a Chair Cushion

Hi Y’all!  I am recovering from a great weekend.  On Saturday afternoon I did my favorite thing in the world:  antique shopping.  Really the stores here have mostly junk and a few true antiques, but antiquing sounds much fancier!  I am especially excited about bringing home this beauty:

God I love it!  It did not look exactly like this when I bought it.  Here is how it looked when I got my paws on it:

The upholstery was ugly and stained.  The lines of the chair were great though.  It reminded me a lot of this hanging chair:
The way the chair went from eww to ooh-la-la, is the interesting thing.  The first thought I had when I saw the chair was “oh, I can just reupholster the seat cushion.” I knew that this chair was meant to be turquoise, and maybe tweed (which it already was).  Besides the stains, the upholstery was in good shape, not a tear or a rip in sight.   Then I remembered seeing something on Pinterest about painting a couch with latex paint. At the time I thought the idea was completely absurd, but I guess I kept it filed away in the back of my brain.
I already had some aqua latex paint on hand that I had used to paint my front door, it was like fate was calling me to paint the thing.  When my husband, Matt, saw the chair he was not impressed.  When I told him I was planning on painting the cushion with the front door paint, I think he thought I had lost my mind, and not to mention wasted $25 on a chair that I “could have bought a garage sale for $5.”  I was committed to the idea though, so I took the cushion into my studio and mixed up some paint and water in a 1:1 ratio.  I grabbed a paint brush and started slathering it on.  Boy does fabric soak up paint!
An hour later I was finished.  Another hour in the sun and the cushion was dry.  Matt was sooooo impressed with my creativity the he said I was “inspiring.” I know, Gasp!  We attached the cushion back to the chair and now it is gracing a previously uninteresting corner in my music room.
painted chair front before paint
While I don’t think I would ever paint an entire couch, I am really happy with the way it turned out. Would you ever try this, or do you think it is just as easy to recover a cushion?
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