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32 Weeks Pregnant

Okay, I must confess, I had intended to just leave this blog behind in the past and stop posting completely.  My attention has just been consumed by other things recently, and doing food posts are really the last thing I wanted to do with my day.  Until this morning, it hit me.  Wow!  This is the third time I have been through this pregnancy thing, and I have so many tips for how to get through it.  What better place to share them, and also document my journey at the same time than here.  I am not claiming expert status by any means, just letting y’all in on some of the things that have worked for me.  I have been a little more conscious of what I am eating these days.  I am in week 22 of my third pregnancy, and I am finally starting to want to eat a decent diet again.  I also have more energy and am feeling pretty good all around.

I have been really blessed to have had uncomplicated pregnancies up to this point, and been able to bounce back really quickly after giving birth.  I know this is not the case for everyone, and am sure that some of this is due to winning some genetic lottery, but at the same time believe that what I have done (or have not done) during pregnancy has had a great effect on easing both labor and postpartum for me.

I am planning on making this a regular series that will go throughout the remainder of my pregnancy, and even into postpartum.  Today I wanted to just start with some of my really basic tips that I think every girl in my situation should know.  I will go more in depth with each of these soon.

1.  Don’t worry too much about your diet during the first trimester.  I know it was hard for me to stomach just about anything.  I pretty much lived off a mixture of carbs and cheese (grilled cheese, mac n cheese, cheese fries, you get the point).  Be sure to get a good prenatal vitamin and if you can stomach it, try having a green juice or smoothie with breakfast.  If you feel sick right after taking you prenatal, try a different brand.  This has happened to me before, and I suffered too long before switching to a vitamin that agreed with me.

2.  Keep or start a light fitness routine.  Walking is my go to pregnancy exercise, I really swear by it.  When I started my last pregnancy I was training for a half marathon, but I quit running and started walking.  I am sure some people feel comfortable continuing to run, but I just didn’t.  Walking relieves stress, gives you a chance to get some fresh air, and gets your blood pumping without raising your body temperature to an unhealthy level for the fetus.

3.  Maternity clothes are a waste.  There are two types of maternity clothes:  ugly and expensive designer.  I refuse to do either and have found so many better options that work for me throughout month nine and beyond.  There is one trick to making this work, and that is my next tip.

4.  Watch the scale.  By no means should anyone diet during pregnancy, but it is going to be beneficial to gain weight at a slow and steady clip.  If you are not sure how much you should be gaining, here are some guidelines.  I try to aim for about 30 pounds total.  I am counting on some extra fat too, which I will definitely need for breastfeeding.

5.  Get a flu shot.  This should probably be number one on the list, don’t gamble with this!  I didn’t get one this year, and I got the flu for the first time in 14 years.  I had a really high fever which is not good for the baby, not to mention how miserable I felt for the whole week of Christmas holidays.

So that is my short list.  There is obviously much more to having a happy and healthy pregnancy.  It is a tough time with some strict rules, which I loathe at times, but it is also a wonderful and magical time too.

Do you have any must share pregnancy advice?  I would love to hear it!



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