The Simple Life

Hi Y’all!  I hope you had a fun-filled and relaxing weekend!  With my due date looming closer every day, we thought it might be our last chance to get to our farm house for awhile.  The city may be where we make a living, but the country is where we live.  It is really the best of both worlds.  I really never think of how special our country house is until I have been away for awhile.  When we got there this weekend it was like my balance was immediately restored.  All of my worries and day to day stresses were forgotten.

Saturday morning began with the most beautiful sunrise over the wheat field beside our house.  I was so thrilled to see this big ball of fire that I just had to give it a big hug and do my happy dance!

Sunrise over the wheatfield

Getting a hug from the sun

ranch april 2014 319

No one loves coming home more that our dog Beau Ty.  We try to play fetch in our backyard in Dallas, but nothing compares to running free through the fields.

Fetch Beau

Happy Beau Ty

I went for a morning walk down our red sand road.  Walking out here is like a moving meditation.  There are no cars or houses to remind you that you are anywhere but the present moment.

Morning Walk

Medicine Mounds on our walk

ranch april 2014 123

This hawk was flying back and forth through the wheat fields putting on an aerial show for me.

We went to town and stopped by the ghost town of Medicine Mound.  There is a museum in the old general store that is only open for two hours each Saturday morning.  This was news to me, but when we saw the door open we decided to make a pit stop. The entire town was burned in 1933 by a woman who lived there.  She had gone mad years after her teenage daughter committed suicide after she was forbidden to see her boyfriend who also happened to be the town school teacher.  It was never rebuilt, and all that is still standing is the general store and a gas station.   I love playing local tourist!

Ranch april 2012 299

Stove at Medicine Mound Museum

Wedding Dresses at Medicine Mound Museum

All of the artifacts in the museum were donated by local families.  I was drooling over this old stove and vintage wedding dresses.

Medicine Mound Merry Go Round

Stop in Medicine Mound

It turns out the girls favorite part of the town was the antique merry-go-round.

New Dog Lacy

While in town we picked up the usual:  gas, groceries, and a chihuahua.  We found this poor girl walking down the road about to have a heat stroke.  We took her to town and asked if anyone knew her.  You would think in a town of 700 people everyone would know everyone and their dog too.  It turned out someone did recognize her, but when they called her owner, he denied that his dog was missing saying “no my dog is in the backyard!”  So now this little amiga is home with us.  Minda is thrilled to have a girl dog and is dressing her up in ribbons and bows right this moment.  We are going to the vet this afternoon; I am praying she is not pregnant!




We also had some resort style pool time aka an old stock tank with a tarp and splashed around to cool off.  The stock tanks in the background are actually filled with dirt and were used as raised garden beds, but I am just not around enough to keep anything alive!

Make a Splash


By the evening storm clouds were rolling in.

Storm Clouds

Walking Through the wheatfield before a storm

Sun Shining Through the Clouds at Medicine Mound Texas

And the sun began to set on our beautiful day.  Who says you can never go home?

Wish me luck at the vet with this new dog!








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