Bikes and Breakfast in Aubrey, Texas

Support the riders sign

For the past couple of months, Matt has been gearing up for the 2014 Bike for MS. On Saturday the big day had finally arrived. The charity ride spanned two days and 150 miles.  There were several stops along the route on day one.  The girls and I parked ourselves in the quaint little town of Aubrey, Texas to cheer him on!  We were sure to get there a little early to grab a country style breakfast at Mom’s on Main.

Coca Cola Fountain Service

Chalkboard Menu at Mom's on Main

Lollies at Mom's

Mobil Sign

Desserts at Mom's on Main

Candy Jars at Mom's on Main

Mom's Pancakes

Mom’s is in an old historic brick building, really one of the only buildings in downtown Aubrey.  The place is decorated with vintage signs and memorabilia from days gone by.  Colorful lollies and taffy by the buckets fill a table in the middle of the restaurant. We ordered a stack of larger than life buttermilk pancakes.  They were so good y’all!  I may have just discovered my latest craving.

Back outside we waited for our cowboy to ride into town.

Matt Riding into Aubrey

our rider

The town square had turned into a sea of bicycles.

Bike for MS Stop in Aubrey

We grabbed some pics and hugs before saying our goodbyes and watching him ride away again.

Quick Stop for a hugs

Family Shot at the bike for MS


On the Road Again

We returned the next day to Texas Motor Speedway to see him finish the race.

Finish Line Shot

Just Crossed the Finish

150 miles later he was still smiling!  We are so proud of him!  The race was for a great cause and looked like a fun time, so I am planning on training for it next year so we can ride together.








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