The DMA and Klyde Warren Park

The Dallas Museum of Art is one of the gems of our little town.  You can browse the the galleries and see work from some of the most famous artists in the world.  Everyone from Van Gogh to Picasso, any day, free of charge.

DMA from Klyde Warren

DMA Facade

DMA Entrance

Outdoor Mosaic

The outside is a work of art in itself.  There is a huge mosaic and sculptures to greet you in the courtyard at the entrance.

Once inside, the museum is a incredibly quiet and uncrowded.  It is virtually just you and the masters.

Picasso's The Guitarist

Pablo Picasso, The Guitarist-1965

Wassily Kandunsky, Murnau, Burggrabenstrasse 1 1908

Wassily Kandunsky, Murnau, Burggrabenstrasse 1 1908

Robert Delaunay, Eiffel Tower 1924

Robert Delaunay, Eiffel Tower 1924

Roman Head Wreath-5 Century B.C.

Olive Wreath, Greek 4th Century B.C.

ancient roman sculpture

Head of a Priest- 150-250 A.D.

Panda Bear Chair

A Panda Bear Chair!  Say that five times fast!

Nathan Mabry mosaic mask iced out 2013

Nathan Mabry Mosaic Mask (Iced Out)- 2013

The museum also has an emerging artist area.  This piece by Los Angeles artist, Nathan Mabry, was done with colored pencil and the teeth were iced out Swarovski Crystal.


Minda said this statue looked just like me.  I guess it is true, everyone has a doppelganger out there!

American Art

DMA Sculpture

Glass Flowers

After making our way through the collections we were bursting with inspiration!


We made our way to the Center for Creative Connections where kids of all ages can play and create their own masterpieces.

Create your own

DMA 013



After the museum we headed back outside.  Being the most gloriously sunny day, we crossed the street to Klyde Warren Park.  My monkeys could finally be monkeys again.

Klyde Warren Tree house

Klyde Warren Childrens park climbing structure

Klyde Warren Childrens park climbing

klyde warren fountains

Splash Klyde Warren Park

klyde warren childrens park fountains

Soaked at Klyde Warren Park

Playing in fountains are probably the most blissful thing in life to a four year old.  As much fun as we were having, I was working up an appetite!

Food Trucks at Klyde Warren

Klyde Warren Park View

With a row of food trucks we had a tough decision to make, but in the end, tacos from Abe’s Flavor Flave won!

Abe's flavor Flave

Waiting for tacos

Street Tacos from Abe's Flavor Flave

The street tacos are served on warm corn tortillas glistening in oil and pilled up with shredded chicken and grilled onions, topped with cilantro and even more onions.  The veggie tacos came with a smear of refried beans topped with cheese, avocado, tomatoes, and lettuce.

Nacho Cheese

And an order of ballpark style nachos with a large cheese to chip ratio.  Nothing special, but what can I say, this girl loves nachos!

Klyde Warren Walkway

Klyde Warren Walkway

We strolled through the ball topped arches to soak up a few last moments of this serene scene, and take a few snaps at the BIG sign.

Big D Klyde Warren

Big and 35 weeks pregnant

Oh the irony…
















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