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Today I am officially 38 weeks, aka, ready to pop.  At our ultrasound a week ago the baby was already weighing in at 6.5 pounds.  Hopefully this will be the last bump shots you see from me, ever!


38 Weeks Pregnant


38 Weeks today

Meanwhile, I have been too nervous to sleep, eat anything decent, or have any interests other than vacuuming and decorating the baby’s nursery (our master bedroom for the time being).  Nesting is one of those oddities of pregnancy I have yet to comprehend.  It is complete neurosis I tell ya!  I had an image in my mind of exactly what I wanted it to be: a colorful and serene bohemian retreat. Something like this with a crib thrown in:

The first thing on the agenda was to find a peacock chair.  If you saw a frazzled looking lady with two little girls at the Garland Road thrift store, or any other thrift store in Dallas recently asking the staff if they had any peacock chairs hiding in the back, that was me.  I don’t know why, but a peacock chair was a MUST, and seemed impossible to find.  Finally, I gave up the hunt and purchased a pair of wicker chairs from a thrift store for $10 thinking they would have to do until I could find the peacock chair of my dreams.  When I drove around to the back of the store to pick up the wicker chairs, right there sitting by the dumpster, in the middle of a downpour was a peacock chair they were just going to throw away!!!  I know, I can’t believe it either!  I rescued it and here she is in all of her weathered glory:

Peacock Chair

It is not in perfect shape, but I REALLY love it!  The sheepskin is an old one I got from IKEA years ago, and the pillow is this one from World Market.

To add a pop of color to my formerly black an white bedding (dog included), I tie-dyed my plain white duvet cover with some blue dye.  I still need a rug and few more throw pillows to add some more pattern to the space…

Master Bedroom

Next up, adding in a place for the baby to sleep (hopefully some of which will happen at night).


The crib was a gift from my mom when I had Minda almost five years ago.  It has definitely gotten LOTS of use over the years.

Opal and Eve artwork over crib

The artwork over the crib is from my Etsy Shop, Opal and Eve.

Linen Swaddle Blankets

I have found lots of amazing baby finds too while I have been out shopping.  These linen swaddle blankets are a perfect lightweight option for our hot Texas summer that is quickly approaching.  I am planning on trying to be a bit more natural and Eco-friendly with my diapering and body care choices this time around.  I tried cloth diapers with Kaya, and it is just not for me.  I decided the next best thing would be to sign up with Honest Company to receive a diaper and wipes each month.  The prints are adorable and they are delivered right to your door!

Honest Company Diapers

Shea Moisture Baby

The Shea Moisture Baby Wash and Lotion I picked up at Target.  I am really excited about using it because it smells divine.  I may have to test it out on myself.

Me and Kaya 38 weeks

Thanks for bearing with me through this crazy post.  I have to say that we are beyond excited to welcome the new baby.  Looking back to five years ago, I was pregnant for the first time, and had no idea what to expect.  I never thought of myself as the maternal type before having my girls, but being a mother has turned out to be the greatest love and joy I have ever experienced (I know everyone says that and it sounds so cliche, but it is absolutely true).  I hope that next time you hear from me our baby will have moved out of my womb and into my arms!