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This past month has been jam packed with house projects (mostly painting) and painting commissions (these seem to really pick up when I have a million other things going on), and I am looking forward to the day when I can give my brush a break and really enjoy some of the progress we have made on the house.

Almost every part of the main house has been painted and is almost unrecognizable.  Remember how the living room looked before..


Now she is all bright white and airy.  I am planning on adding in artwork, some textiles, and accessories for a cozy and layered look.  I have a lot left to do around the other parts of the house too, but obviously I already think it is sooo much better than where we started!



Same thing for the dining/piano room.  Before it had the vibe of a Mexican restaurant..


Now it is all white.  I cannot believe how much the new paint has made the architectural details really stand out.


We have painted the kitchen walls, but have yet to paint the cabinets to make it the dream kitchen, but it is already much more livable.

We painted every inch of this ourselves.  Matt did most of it with a paint sprayer, but I have been slowly making my way through the rest of the house painting the trim and French doors.




Hopefully I will be back to report more progress soon!