Postcards from Caprock Canyons


Greetings!  The last weekend of summer we packed up the our RV and hit the road.

I love the wide open plains of west Texas, and I knew that it would be just the right place to reset before the routine of the school year hit.  Matt and I had camped out at Caprock Canyons several times in the past before we had kids.  It is an outdoor lovers dream with its beautiful red canyon walls and expansive trail system.  When we check site availability a couple of days before we wanted to leave there was one site available.  I took that as sign from the universe that it was meant to be!

My previous trips to Caprock were always spent hiking to fern cave, a spot where a natural spring that drips out of a shady cliff side creating a magical environment for ferns to grow out of  the sandstone wall.  It is amazing! I had planned on doing that this trip because I wanted to show the girls, but after half a mile into the four mile trail I realized that it just wasn’t going to happen.  The 100 degree August heat had us all wanting to turn around.  We did get some pretty awesome canyon views on this trail though.


We also rode the Caprock State Trailway, a rails to trails conversion, one evening in hopes of seeing a colony of Brazilian Freetailed bats fly out of Clarity Tunnel.

We waited around until dark without ever seeing the mass exodus of bat, but the five mile bike ride back in the dark turned out to be a harrowing and unforgettable experience that included a massive swarm of mosquitos, a couple of pop up thunderstorms that had lightning flashing all around us, and an encounter with an angry rattlesnake that I almost ran over on my bike.


The highlight of our trip was definitely the Eagle Point trail.  When we arrived at the trail head we were amazed to see a piece of a rainbow streaking through the sky.  One of my favorite things about west Texas is that thunderstorms will randomly pop up on the most beautiful summer day, making for backdrops like this..



Hidden under this trail was the most amazing little natural cave that the map called the natural bridge.



After all of the hiking we needed to cool off, so a dip in Lake Theo, a little lake (really more of a pond) in the park was in order.

Not the most beautiful water we have seen this summer, but it was so cool and refreshing!

Oh, did I mention we saw bison?!  Lots of bison everywhere.  We saw them travelling in groups down to the lake for a drink and walking around the visitors center.


I  live for little weekend adventures like this.  Being in nature is so fulfilling for my soul.  My hope as a mom is that my girls will learn to love and respect mother earth and all of her creatures.

There is more from our trip here in this video!

Wishing you a peaceful and adventure filled weekend!


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I am a mindful plant eating mama to three little girls. I teach yoga in the Dallas area both to groups and one on one. I am obsessed with all things wellness and love helping others to feel their best!

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