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Hi Y’all, I am Jenny. A mom of 3 with a deep inner desire for health, happiness, travel and adventure.  Jenny Garvinyasa (formerly the texitarian) began in 2012 as a creative outlet while I was living as an expat in Calgary.  It was a way to stay connected to my roots by sharing traditional Texas inspired recipes with a whole foods perspective.

In 2013 our family took a four month road trip across the U.S. Living in our RV full-time, spent the next eight months living in an old farm house in west Texas on a working farm and cattle ranch, and found out that we were expecting our third little girl.  In 2014 we moved back to our home town of Dallas and couldn’t be happier to be home close to our family and friends.

I took a break from blogging for a couple of years after the arrival of our third daughter.  During that time I was busy creating my eBook, Plant Based Palate (available here on Amazon),  and completing my 200 hr yoga teacher training.


I am also an artist, with a passion for painting and creating.  I occasionally make some pieces of my work is available here at my Etsy shop, Opal and Eve.

When I am not writing the blog, I enjoy being barefoot in the garden, soaking up the sun on a hike, or spending time on my yoga mat.

I would love to hear from y’all, so say hello below!  Or follow random bits of my life through the lens of my phone on Instagram





9 thoughts on “ABOUT ME

  1. i’m so glad that you visited my blog because it brought me here to yours! the first post that popped up was your chocolate almond milk ice cream. i love making banana “soft serve” and this version looks incredible! i will be trying it asap. i look forward to more great recipe ideas and hope you’ll find the same from my blog!

  2. You have a beautiful blog – really beautiful. I’m a current expat (Irish living in Lithuania). We spent 3 months last summer in an RV travelling round Europe. Now we live deep in the Lithuanian countryside. I lived in Austin for a bit after college and loved Texas food and beer. I put on so much weight when I was there – bloody ranch dressing and margaritas by the gallon! Looks like we have similar passions- looking forward to following along with your journey!

    1. Hi June! Thanks for reading! It is always awesome to find people with similar stories from all over the world. And you are so right, we love our margaritas, and ranch dressing goes with just about everything around here!

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