My BBG Journey and Why I Quit

Yes, that is me above.  I was just finishing week 24 of BBG and I thought I was looking pretty great!  I have never been the type to pose for these body shot selfies, BBG and the #bbgcommunity made me do some funny things. Here is the deal.  Yes, BBG made me strong and lean. Continue reading “My BBG Journey and Why I Quit”

Life Update! I Wrote an eBook and I am a Certified Yoga Teacher!

Hey guys!  I have been super busy the last few months.  I have been working on my 200 hour Yoga Teaching Certification, and I am officially done!  It has been one of the most soul fulfilling journeys of my life, and I am so filled with gratitude for the whole experience. As part of ourContinue reading “Life Update! I Wrote an eBook and I am a Certified Yoga Teacher!”

The Happy Glamper! My RV Makeover…

  Hi Y’all!  Today I wanted to share with you a little home makeover project I recently completed.  It was probably the most fun and gratifying projects ever!  The space was a total of about 325 sq ft.and on wheels, and I am lucky enough to call it my home away from home on almostContinue reading “The Happy Glamper! My RV Makeover…”

A Garden Party

Last month Georgia turned one year old, it is hard to believe that she is walking and trying to talk!  Since we have such a great deck for entertaining, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to have a garden party. Pink floral details were added where ever possible.  The rustic floral topped cake was madeContinue reading “A Garden Party”

Living Room Progress

Please excuse the radio silence. I really don’t have much excuse as to why I have quit blogging save for the fact that I have become a manic wanna-be interior decorator and avid furniture collector.  Matt is just about ready to submit me for hoarders as it gets more and more difficult to actually walk throughContinue reading “Living Room Progress”

Hazelnut and Orange Dark Chocolate Bark

Hi Y’all!  I am trying really hard to stick to this cleanse (if you can call it that), and I have to say, my willpower is not as great as I thought.  I am really awful at waking up and making myself the breakfast it suggest, actually I have yet to do it, and I am goingContinue reading “Hazelnut and Orange Dark Chocolate Bark”

Easy Peasy Grilled Caprese

Is it really January, or have I been secretly teleported to April.  The weather here is telling me the latter.  The trees in the yard are even confused as the early buds are being coerced out almost to full bloom.  I have been lackadaisical about the house work for no excuse other than it is warmContinue reading “Easy Peasy Grilled Caprese”