I found John Benton model fitness on Instagram. When I saw that he trained models I assumed that he lived in Los Angeles but after clicking through his profile I saw that he actually had a studio here in Dallas. I sent him a DM, which is so unlike me but he to my surpriseContinue reading “HOW TO TRAIN LIKE A RUNWAY MODEL”

My BBG Journey and Why I Quit

Yes, that is me above.  I was just finishing week 24 of BBG and I thought I was looking pretty great!  I have never been the type to pose for these body shot selfies, BBG and the #bbgcommunity made me do some funny things. Here is the deal.  Yes, BBG made me strong and lean. Continue reading “My BBG Journey and Why I Quit”

Life Update! I Wrote an eBook and I am a Certified Yoga Teacher!

Hey guys!  I have been super busy the last few months.  I have been working on my 200 hour Yoga Teaching Certification, and I am officially done!  It has been one of the most soul fulfilling journeys of my life, and I am so filled with gratitude for the whole experience. As part of ourContinue reading “Life Update! I Wrote an eBook and I am a Certified Yoga Teacher!”