Victoria Day Weekend and Guilt Free Carrot Cake

Victoria Day in Canada is what Memorial Day is in the U.S., an extra day added on to a May weekend so that you can give summer the proper welcome it deserves.  I had high hopes for this long weekend.  I thought it would be the perfect time for a family trip out to the mountains, even ifContinue reading “Victoria Day Weekend and Guilt Free Carrot Cake”

Gluten Free Coconut Lemon Squares

We finally made it back to Calgary where we have been greeted by a tropical heat wave!  No kidding, it is like August!  I have been trying to soak up every second of it.  In the past two days we have managed to walk to three different playgrounds, eat dinner outside, and have even managedContinue reading “Gluten Free Coconut Lemon Squares”

Spinach Salad with Pecans, Pears, and Blue Cheese

Howdy Y’all!  We have been spending the past few days in West Texas, visiting Matt’s Grandfather.  It is exactly the kind of place that epitomizes all Texas stereotypes.  Sprawling ranches with longhorn cattle grazing in wheat fields while the pump jacks keep time.  I used to visit there often Matt was working on his grandfather’sContinue reading “Spinach Salad with Pecans, Pears, and Blue Cheese”

Lentil Minestrone Soup

Spring has sprung! It was a beautiful weekend.  The sun was out and temperatures climbed into the double digits (celsius).  On Friday, I went to the thrift store and bought a bunch of jewelry that I upcycled into a cool new necklace. Then I took Minda and Kaya to the farmer’s market where we had lunch, danced to an old street musicianContinue reading “Lentil Minestrone Soup”

Arugula Pesto Pizza with Tomatoes and Feta

At our house pizza is one of our favorites!  After Matt finished school at LSU we moved to Houston.  I was thrilled that we were finally starting our real “adult” lives.  This meant moving into a real house with a yard.  The park like yard became our sanctuary.  It was lushly landscaped with the native towering pines, banana trees,Continue reading “Arugula Pesto Pizza with Tomatoes and Feta”

Poblano and Corn Empanadas

When I hear the word empanada, I generally think of a greasy fried shell made of all purpose flour and butter filled with even more greasy cheese and meat. UMMMM…Well, these are kinda like that, except that they are made with whole wheat and baked, not fried, but fear not, they are every bit asContinue reading “Poblano and Corn Empanadas”

Adobo- Lime Roasted Acorn Squash

We spent the past weekend in Invermere, BC.  Matt had arranged a trip in Panorama, and I decided that it would be nice for me and the girls to tag along for the adventure.  Preparing to travel with two small children and a couple of dogs is no easy task, but after loading up the truck with what appearedContinue reading “Adobo- Lime Roasted Acorn Squash”