Make Your Own Belly Butter

There are lots of different methods to avoiding stretch marks out there.  Everything from miracle creams to just not scratching your really itchy and rapidly expanding bump claim to keep stretch marks away.  I really wish that I could say that I have found some secret weapon against stretch marks. I would patent it andContinue reading “Make Your Own Belly Butter”

Natural Highlighting Solution

It has been scorching hot here this week.  I guess it should be expected, it is August in Texas afterall.  We adopted a new dog, a sweet chocolate lab named Beau.  Beau loves to play outside and splash around in the baby pool with the girls.  They love it too, so we have been spendingContinue reading “Natural Highlighting Solution”

DIY Lavender Tea Tree Castile Soap

In an effort to run a more safe and sustainable household, I am always on the hunt for natural homemade cleaning product recipes. I think that it is awesome that our generation is taking a stand against the chemical laden big name cleaners that we grew up around, and choosing a more natural way of cleaning everything from our homes toContinue reading “DIY Lavender Tea Tree Castile Soap”