A Garden Party

Last month Georgia turned one year old, it is hard to believe that she is walking and trying to talk!  Since we have such a great deck for entertaining, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to have a garden party. Pink floral details were added where ever possible.  The rustic floral topped cake was madeContinue reading “A Garden Party”

Rustic Garden Tomato Sauce

Today it is freezing, literally.  Yesterday I spent the last day of the gardening season in my garden, picking whatever tomatoes and peppers I thought may be able to ripen in the house, and shedding the inevitable tear or two.  I never thought it would be such an emotional experience, gardening.   I really thought itContinue reading “Rustic Garden Tomato Sauce”

Starting a Kitchen Garden

We have spent the majority of the past few weekends working in the yard, preparing a space for our little kitchen garden.  This will be my first real attempt at gardening, an ambitious undertaking considering the extreme climate here.  In preparation, I have been spending many hours reading online about different gardening methods and pinningContinue reading “Starting a Kitchen Garden”