Postcards from Colorado

We just returned home from an EPIC spring break trip to Keystone with the kids.  It wasn’t my first time there, but going with the kids gave me a view through their eyes, so everything felt so fresh.  That beginner’s mindset has to be my favorite thing about traveling. We spent a lot of timeContinue reading “Postcards from Colorado”

Rafting the Rio Grande

When we were planning our trip to Big Bend, I found a lot of outfitters in the area that led guided floats down the Rio Grande, for a pretty hefty fee.  We have a raft, so we decided to take it along and give it a go ourselves.   We did have a couple of logisticalContinue reading “Rafting the Rio Grande”

Big Bend’s Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive

Day two of our trip we woke up refreshed and ready for a big day of exploration.  Big Bend is a huge expanse of majestic mountains and desert landscapes.  I think I could spend a couple of weeks exploring the park, and still just scratch the surface.  We only had a few days to seeContinue reading “Big Bend’s Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive”

Arches National Park

If you are driving from Calgary to Dallas, Moab is WAY out of the way, but definitely worth the detour.  Matt has been here a couple of time on work trips, and fell in love with the area.  He promised that he would someday bring us here, so here we are! On our first day in Moab,Continue reading “Arches National Park”

Post Cards From Canada, The Icefields Parkway

Summer is winding down, so we decided to take a trip to Banff for the weekend.  In the past I have always made an agenda of what hikes to do and what to see, but this time we went with no plans or expectations other than to relax and make a smore or two aroundContinue reading “Post Cards From Canada, The Icefields Parkway”

Post Cards from Canada, Father’s Day Weekend at Castle Mountain

I did not have a chance to get a recipe together for today, but I am working on one for later in the week. I instead wanted to share some of our pictures we took over the weekend in Banff.  We made a last minute decision to head to the Rockies for a couple of days to do some hikingContinue reading “Post Cards from Canada, Father’s Day Weekend at Castle Mountain”