Monument Valley and Mesa Verde

We are finally home in Texas, and looking forward to spending the holidays with our family.  Before heading home from Moab, we had to make a visit to Monument Valley, and then to Mesa Verde.  It seems like every stop we made there was another place to see so near by that it would be a shame toContinue reading “Monument Valley and Mesa Verde”

Canyonlands National Park

I still remember the breathless feeling I had when I first stepped out onto the north rim of the Grand Canyon over ten years ago.  The awe at first sight from the Island in the Sky entrance at Canyonlands is comparable to that.  Stepping out onto the rocks, you can see canyons all around for miles, and I felt likeContinue reading “Canyonlands National Park”

Arches National Park

If you are driving from Calgary to Dallas, Moab is WAY out of the way, but definitely worth the detour.  Matt has been here a couple of time on work trips, and fell in love with the area.  He promised that he would someday bring us here, so here we are! On our first day in Moab,Continue reading “Arches National Park”

Colorful Colorado and the Colorado National Monument

After a couple of days straight of just driving, we entered Colorful Colorado.  We drove through more valleys surrounded by mountains.  We also saw another cattle drive on the highway.  As we drove further west we were surrounded by the red rock canyons that run along the Colorado River.  When we finally made it to Grand JunctionContinue reading “Colorful Colorado and the Colorado National Monument”