Dallas Blooms

Formal Gardens

One of the best things about moving home to Dallas is being able to take my girls to some of the places that I loved growing up.  The Dallas Arboretum has been on the to do list for the last couple of months since the Dallas Blooms festival started in February.  I am happy to say that yesterday we finally made it, just in time for one of the last day of Dallas Blooms.

Tulips in Bloom

It was every bit as beautiful as I remember.  There were tulips galore.  The Children’s Adventure Garden just opened last year.  It is a sort of outdoor interactive science museum for kids.

Entrance to the Children's Adventure Garden

This is where we started our self-guided tour.  Most of the stuff I found to be appropriate for older kids, but we found plenty for the preschool set too.

Incredible Edible Garden

Garden Edibles 2

We checked out the goods in the Incredible Edible Garden.

Exploring the Rocks

Limeston with Shell Fossils

And the rocks in the geology exhibit.


There was area just for tots, which was our favorite!  Kaya explored hidden tunnels,


And met some curious creatures.

Splashing in Puddles

We found puddles for splashing and even got swept away in a wind tunnel.  We might have spent an entire day here in the children’s garden, but our tummies were grumbling, so we took a break to grab a quick bite.

Spinach Salad

Spinach Salad with goat cheese for me.


And an eyerolling tounge waggingly good PBJ sandwich for the girls.

Reflecting Pool

Then it was off to explore the main gardens.

Yoga Statues

A place so zen even the statues are practicing asanas.

Shoes not Required

We dropped our shoes too and got in on the action.

31 Weeks

Ring around the Rosie


We had plenty of room to run around and even got a couple of shots of the baby to be.


Only eight more weeks before she makes her appearance!

Another Stairway to Heaven

Enchanted Pathways to Explore

Walking Through a Sea of Blooms

Each pathway seemed to lead to another enchanting spot.

Koi Pond

Squirrel with a nut

We even spotted some of the parks wildlife.

Life Sized Nest

And made ourselves at home in a human sized bird nest.  I saved perhaps the best for last.  A splash in the spitting toads.

Spitting Toads

Splashing Around

Before there was a children’s garden this is what I remember playing in at the Arboretum.

So much fun

Seeing their joy made my month.

Highlight of the month

And I hope theirs too.  We left completely soaked and blissed out.  Minda enjoyed it so much she asked on the way home if we could come back the next day.  It was the perfect way to celebrate spring.  If you are from the area, I cannot recommend this place enough for both young and old.




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