Monument Valley and Mesa Verde

Sunrise over Monument Valley

We are finally home in Texas, and looking forward to spending the holidays with our family.  Before heading home from Moab, we had to make a visit to Monument Valley, and then to Mesa Verde.  It seems like every stop we made there was another place to see so near by that it would be a shame to miss.

We got a tip from a  local in Moab about the Goulding’s RV park in Monument Valley.  We arrived and got settled in just before sunset. The park had a stunning view of the red rock formations that seemed to have exploded from the flat earth.

The next morning we drove the 17 mile dirt road through the Navajo Tribal Park.  Along the way we saw horse stables, and Minda was actually able to go on a pony ride. She has no idea who John Wayne is, and has never seen Stagecoach, but she was so thrilled to be on a horse, I think it was the highlight of the trip for her.

Monument ValleyOn the Horse Part oneOn the HorseWelcome to Monument

Navajo Hogan in Monument Valley

After Monument Valley I really could not leave the area without a trip to Mesa Verde.  The Pueblos were amazing architects and engineers.  In the winter only one of the cliff dwelling is open, Spruce Tree House, and it is only accessible by guided tour.  The ruins date back to the 1200s, and were abandoned by the Pueblos 800 years ago.  It is a mystery exactly why they left Mesa Verde, such a hauntingly beautiful place.

Buck at Mesa Verde

Spruce Tree House Mesa Verde National ParkPlaying at Spruce Tree HouseSpruce Tree House From the Trail Above

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