The Fort Worth Zoo

Welcom to the Fort Worth Zoo

Hi Y’all!  A trip to the Fort Worth Zoo has been on my to do list for months now.  After pushing all of the excuses why we shouldn’t go (It’s far, there might be traffic, SO MANY SCREAMING KIDS!) to the back of my brain, I packed up a black bean and avocado power bowl and a couple of clementines and we were on our way!

Although most of my fears were realized (it was far, there was traffic, and there were school age kids on field trips by the droves)  I loved this zoo from the moment we walked through the gate.  The grounds were incredibly lush and green.  The sun was shining down on us, and it would have been impossible not to smile.

Pink Flamingos at the Fort Worth Zoo

Ft Worth Flamingos

Fort Worth Zoo Kissing Flamingos

Colombian Flamingo

Just inside the gates we were greeted by the official zoo greeters, the stunning pink flamingos.

Forth Worth Zoo Elephant

Forth Worth Zoo Baby Elephant

Baby Elephants Fort Worth Zoo

The elephants are always a personal favorite, and what could be cuter than a baby elephant?  Only two baby elephants of course!


Fort Worth Zoo Giraffes

We found your usual suspects like the zebra and giraffes plus this majestic white tiger.

Fort Worth Zoo White Tiger

Fort Worth Zoo King of the Jungle

Fort Worth Zoo Male Lion

Daddy lion was busy doing what he does best.  It must be exhausting having such great hair.

Fort Worth Zoo Rhino

Fort Worth Zoo Mom and Daughter Rhino

And the Rhinos were enjoying the warm day by taking a dip to cool off.  We were getting quite hot ourselves and wished that we could join them. We settled for the next best thing, Blue Bell on a cone.

Ice Cream Stop

While we indulged we checked out the tropical birds.

Fort Worth Zoo Blue

Fort Worth Zoo Birds

Hunting for Adventure at the Zoo

After searching the entire zoo I finally spotted Minda’s favorite animal of all, the elusive painted pony!

Ft worth zoo Carousel

Fort Worth Zoo Pony Ride

Kaya on a Painted Pony Fort Worth Zoo

After a quick ride we called it a day.  I was one tired mama!



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